As you begin to embark on the journey of using your sales job to contribute to

changing the world by bringing in the energy of service to the forefront. There are

some key ingredients you need to mix into the recipe to develop the most important,

the Holy Grail, the numero uno component that I like to call the SERVICE MESSAGE!

What is a service message? Good question… Thank you for asking. The service

message is the most important component you will develop when you begin to step

into a purpose filled outcome utilizing your day-to-day activities as your platform.

The service message is identifying who, what, why, & how you are going to truly find

your purpose through leading with the intention of service.

Let me break it down for you this way…

#1 Who are they? Who are those who will benefit and be the recipient of your

purpose filled intentions of serving? Who are your customers? Who are those you

have daily interactions with? Who are those you encounter in passing? It’s

important to be clear of WHO you will be serving.

#2 What are you giving? What service is it that you are offering? What tools, skills,

and knowledge are you going to be pulling from your bag of tricks?

#3 Why… This is the fun one! Why are you leading with the intention of service? It is

important to really be clear on why this is so important to you. For me it was the

mere excitement that my search was over that I had found my purpose. The burden

that lifted when I realized I didn’t have to make super duper changes in my life or

change who I was to live a purpose filled life. Those were all the reason’s why I was

so pumped to discover my purpose was to serve others. I sharpened my pencils,

shined up my shoes, and installed new bulbs in my flashing OPEN sign because I was

ready to go to work using all the awesome skills, tools, and knowledge I had

accumulated over the years to show up as… you guessed it… ME!

#4 How will the world be a better place because you made the decision that your #1

priority was to serve? To embrace you and the awesomeness you bring to the world!

Those who will be the beneficiary’s of YOU and experience the best of the best by

just being in your presence will be magnetically drawn to YOU! You see when you

begin to lead with a genuine intention of pure, 100% natural, no preservatives

added, service you will become magnetic to those who are seeking what you have to


Once you have all the key ingredients together you will begin to mold your SERVICE

MESSAGE. It’s quite simple you take the basic job title or description and you jazz it

up with all the good energy and service intention! For example I will share with you

mine. My job as a real estate broker is to list and sell properties. Hmm… doesn’t

sound very magnetic, now does it? Now here is my service message with all the

ingredients! My service message is to uplift the community through my intention of

service, whether it’s bringing in new businesses that will enhance the community,

creating business opportunity for those businesses in turn, bringing more housing

in to fit the needs of the residents, helping people find their next home and assisting

them in the largest transaction that most people will ever participate in. In addition

providing an uplifting, inspirational career path for my team. Now, who would you

rather be setting across from when you ready to purchase your next home?

Now it’s your turn… What is your service message? I would love to hear it.

Let’s start a conversation!