Complexity has gradually become apart of our everyday lives. We have witnessed the most amazing advancements manifest before our very eyes, information is streaming to us 24 hours 7 days a week, we can instantly connection to people from all corners of the world, convenience is no longer a bonus but now expected, and if we don’t get instant gratification our worlds are rattled. We are surrounded by advancements that are extraordinary and expectations that are unachievable. We have a get rich quick, become famous, going viral, look at me look at me desire and ultimately we are quickly getting lost in the crowd. We all want to be recognized, to be noticed, or to be the next big “thing” that we have started to simply lose site of what we are truly meant to be doing with our lives.

I discovered that I had lost myself in seeking out to be the best of the best in my small town community and in my industry. I wanted to be the top producer, the numero uno in the real estate world, and I was on a mission to discover the tricks of the trade to get me there. What ended up happening was I was stressed out all the time, I was tired, I stopped having fun, I was spinning my wheels, and was trying to avoid going backwards in my strides to get to the top. But I was so focused on being competitive, on what everyone else was doing, and the “what not to do’s” that I woke up one day and I realized that I was lost. Tired, defeated, broken, frustrated, discouraged, hopeless, and oh did I mention… I was tired. But I didn’t understand how this could happen? I did everything I was supposed to be doing. I was working hard. I was working the systems, utilizing my tools, and oh did I mention… I was working hard? Why was this so difficult and did it really need to be? What I learned was that I was the reason it was so difficult. I was the one who was making myself so tired. Then I was confronted and told, “Quite making this so difficult. It’s really simple. You are here to help people and you just happen to help people with their real estate needs.”

Wait a minute… Ok, you have a point I do have a tendency to overcomplicate things and wait a minute… Yeah, I am here to help AND actually that’s what I love to do, is help. But I got lost. Lost in the shuffle, lost in the need to be #1.

But who’s to say we can’t all be #1 at the same time??? Wait, hold up! Stop what you are doing?? Really! Why not? Why can’t we all be #1 altogether? When you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. We live in an abundant Universe, right? When we are in a place of competition to be #1, what is that saying to the Universe? It is saying there is not enough, there is lack, and I have to take from someone else so I can have my needs and desires met. So if we let that go and we say, “Hey, let’s all be #1 together”. Then what message are we saying to the Universe now? We are saying there is more then enough to go around and that there is abundance.

Ah Ha, do you see where I am going with this?

The desire to stand out above the crowd, to be the best, to be #1 is overriding the basics; it is overriding the nature of all that surrounds us. You see we have overcomplicated things and the nature of that which we are is based on simplicity. We each posses our own unique gifts, talents, and brilliance in which we are to utilize collectively. We each have a responsibility to one another to use those unique gifts, talents, and brilliance to lift each other up not to knock each other down in the race to the top.

So to answer the question, do things really have to be so difficult? The answer is No. Stop what you are doing, embrace who you are, know that there is room for all of us, and use your gifts, talents, and brilliance to lift each other up and know that when you do it will be far more rewarding then being alone at the top.