How can your sales job or business change the WORLD??


We all would like to do something that could contribute to making the world a better place. The problem with taking on a big project such as is a time issue. When do we have time to make our grand contributions? We have responsibilities, we have to work, we have families, or ourselves to support. We would all like to have that extra time to be able to give back, to volunteer for a grander cause, but after our day ends, it simply boils down to not having enough time. It’s definitely not a good excuse, but in most cases is the reality that most of us face.


What if I was to tell you that it is possible to contribute to making the world a better place within your day-to-day activities a.k.a your day job? Making you the ultimate of ultimate multi-tasker. Would you be interested?


It’s a 3-step process that allows you to make a difference while you are working away, meeting your responsibilities, providing for your families and yourself.


This 3-step process is called Personal, Community, and Universal.


Step #1 Personal: How can we individually make a difference that could contribute to making the world, YES I said, the world a better place. It’s actually quite simple. We live in a world of the latest and greatest, upgraded everything, instant gratification, connection 24-7, so the concept of simple has started to become unfamiliar territory. But to change the world it is simple. When you begin to lead all that you do with the intention of service you are contributing to changing the world. When you incorporate 100% service to your sales job or business everything else becomes secondary. You start to connect with others who are the beneficiary of your efforts or those who are inspired by your genuine desire to serve all those you come in contact with. Your skills, tools, knowledge, business, job, etc… is your outlet for this contribution. Like I said it is the ULTIMATE multi-tasking at it’s best. You are doing what you do, but now you are seeking those who you can be of service to in addition to making ends meet. AND it is much more gratifying when you use your day job as your platform to be of service vs. just getting time on the clock.


Step #2 Community: As you go about your business in seeking out those you can be of service to, you become magnetic and inspirational within the community you are serving. The energy of service begins to pulse through the veins of the community. It’s a beautiful thing. You inspire those who you encounter to begin to lead with the intention to serve vs. just making ends meet. Others will see you in action and ask you what are you doing, you have a glow about you, and it’s contagious. Share that you are contributing to changing the world by seeking those to be of service to and ask them to join in the efforts it will begin to spread through your community, rapidly.


Step #3 Universal: Now, this is where the changing the world efforts begins to expand to a whole new level. As your community begins to share in your vision of service and they start to share with those whom they encounter, the message begins to spreads and it expands beyond your community borders, seeping out into the world. It’s the best kind of viral I can think of! Could you imagine a world we would live in if everyone looked at his or her means to an end as a platform to serve? In our case it’s our sales business, but really it goes so much more beyond our industry.


Be the light, be the inspiration, and when you receive service and it can be simple such as a kind exchange, it doesn’t have to be complicated… pay it forward. Set the intention everyday that your job is to find those you can serve and I can promise you the rest will be taken care of.


Let’s start a service chain and together we can change the world!!


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