Welcome to 2016, officially!  Now that January is behind us, the month we over indulged on resolutions…we can now officially begin to set the tone for the year. This year I intentionally decided to stay clear from the path that has lead me to high hopes and failed attempts. My New Year resolutions have begun to sound like broken records every year the same goals, which have merely become a reminder of my failed attempts a year prior. No fun! Oh the pressure, the pressure we put ourselves through. What is the point??

I am all about a challenge, self improvement, better health, and business aspirations, but my intentions were getting lost in the clutter of the “what I should do” goals. Yes I would like to get into better shape, would I like to increase my bottom line, of course, but I want to set myself up for success and not another lack luster to do list that becomes more of a burden than having me jumping for joy. I actually want to succeed. Who’s with me??

We made our attempts to make the resolutions routine, but by this time we have slowly dwindled back to our old routines followed up with the excuses that kept the resolutions from sticking.  So what’s the magic solution to making this the best year possible, well…I am trying to figure that out. I say we start by scratching the resolutions, tossing out the business plan, and forgetting the diet. By now we need to stop relying on tools that only have lead us back to where we started year after year chasing the same resolutions over and over again. I would bet that it is safe to say we need a new plan, a new approach, and a new method. Who’s with me??

I have finally come to terms with the fact that I get bored easy, torturing myself isn’t ideal, and trying to figure out why accomplishing our goals has to be hard and is lacking excitement and fun. There is a saying “It’s not the destination it’s the journey.” When you look at your resolutions they tend to be more about the end result than the actual journey coupled with our beliefs in what we have been told is the best way to get to the final destination. Well no wonder the shelf life of a New Year resolution is a mere 30 days or less.

I have concluded that in order to succeed we need to shake things up a bit. Let’s explore having an incentive and to follow a recipe that arrives to the destination of success while we are enjoying ourselves on the journey. Who’s with me??

  • When you are looking at your annual aspirations what’s the motivation behind the aspiration?? What excites you about it? Identify the excitement factor and do activities that actually excite you.
  • Set your sight on goals that have meaning, that enhances meaning in your day-to-day life, and gives you a purpose that is bigger than yourself. When you look at your goals ask “why”? Why is this important to you? What is the meaning behind it? When you identify the meaning you are able to engage in meaningful pursuits that bring these goals into reality.
  • How do you want to feel? No, not how do you want to feel upon achieving your goal, but how do you want to feel while pursuing your goal? This is big! Thank you to the brilliant teachings of Danielle LaPorte in her book the Desire Map she urges you to engage in the pursuit of success using your feelings as your guide. How do you want to feel day in and day out? Hence it’s the journey not the destination. I got quite excited about the idea of my feelings guiding me through my pursuit of success and happiness. We so often ignore how we feel. We power through leaving ourselves exhausted, stressed out, and no wonder year after year one of our resolutions is to be healthier. I have strong reason to believe if everyday we were engaged regularly with how we are feeling and aligning with feeling good that we would naturally be healthy.

I want to make a toast… Here’s to a New Year and a New You! I want to see you succeed while enjoying the journey! Let’s make this the best year yet!