Today is the beginning of “National Work-Life Week” in the U.K., and it runs until the 25th of September. Many businesses are taking steps to help their employees (especially parents) get home on time.  What an AMAZING idea!

I’m officially adopting this week by sharing tips on how to balance your life and work. I hope many other Americans (especially business owners with employees) experiment with this philosophy, and find creative ways to release the stress and anxiety that causes employees to work more than they should. Remember, happy and healthy employees work harder and are more passionate about the goals of their company. So let’s get them home on time!

“National Work-Life Week” was started by a very interesting organization called “Working Families“. Here’s what these cats have to say about this week:

“National Work Life Week aims to highlight the benefits of facilitating the well-being and work-life balance of your employees, so that they are engaged, motivated and productive at work. Employers can use the week to engage with their employees through a range of activities which focus on the work-life balance issue: healthy lifestyle events, balancing work & home sessions, quizzes, diversity & inclusion activities, network events. You can also use the week as an opportunity to promote your policies and practices and to highlight flexible working role models at all levels and in all areas of the organization.”

Stay tuned for more tips on how to celebrate U.K.’s “National Work-Life Week” on this side of the pond – USA style!